Permits, & Laws, & Taxes! Oh my!

Hate IRS

This week, we had to research Legal Structures and Licenses and Taxes.

The legal structures are:

I went with a “Sole Proprietorship” . Simply because it would not require me to file any extra applications, and would be less complicated (still complicated – just less complicated) than an S Corp or LLC.

I actually filed for an EIN  (Employer ID Number) online. But as a sole proprietor, with no employees, I’m not sure I needed one.

Being in Idaho, I registered my Business with the Secretary of State, which included a $25 fee.

And I applied for permits online.

Got my EIN and seller’s permit, now I’m just waiting to hear back from the secretary of state.

Also, we’re supposed to be making headway on our websites. I, unfortunately, have made very little. All I’ve discovered is ways that I don’t want to do it, or ways that I can’t do it. Now I’m debating over whether I would be able to build the site with Dreamweaver.


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